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Michael Spence ’66 – Hockey

Excerpts from the acceptance speech of the 2004 Citizen-Athlete Award Recipient: Michael Spence ’66 …”I have been an academic administrator, venture capitalist, and board member. But at heart I am an academic-economist. What I do is stare at things that are very complex, and try to make them seem simple – first to myself and then to others. “People who ... Read More »

Carter Marsh Abbott ’97, Soccer & Lacrosse

My experience as a student-athlete at Princeton in women’s soccer and lacrosse prepared me for my career in ways I did not fathom at the time. My life was typical of most student-athletes: class, practice, lift, late meal, library, bed, then do it again, with maybe a night every now and then. This life, while busy and demanding, both inspired ... Read More »

Gary Walters ’67 – Basketball

I’m occasionally asked by coaches to help out with recruiting, and when I am, I generally point to the team pictures on my wall and discuss the career achievements of my teammates with prospective students. For you see, what you have accomplished as Princeton student-athletes is only the beginning of the beginning. It’s what you accomplish in your respective careers ... Read More »

Hillary Schmidt ’06 – Field Hockey

There are so many memories and experiences I will cherish from my four years as a varsity athlete. A particular game, the last one I played in a Princeton uniform, first comes to mind. It is a perfect example of teamwork, effort, and heart. Princeton field hockey hosted the first round of the NCAA tournament and played Duke, who was ... Read More »

Chad Adams ’00 – Soccer

It was a beautiful and crisp October day at Lourie-Love field. The pitch was in immaculate condition and the trees framing the scene were boasting their magnificent fall colors. The football team had just lost to Harvard and the fans were now pouring through the gates to watch the soccer teams battle. It was a late afternoon tap and the ... Read More »

Sally Fields ’73 – Squash & Tennis

Being a member of both the first Princeton Women’s Tennis and Princeton Women’s Squash Teams provided me with unforgettable experiences. The women who were admitted during that time possessed an incredible array of talents and abilities. As the tennis-playing valedictorian of a large public high school in Wilmington, Delaware, I entered Princeton with the Class of 1974, the second year ... Read More »

Hannah Foster ’03 – Lacrosse

Excerpts from the PVC News article – “Walk this Way” “I was disappointed that I got into Princeton…I didn’t think I could make their team and I was really sad because it was Princeton Lacrosse: Home of the 1994 NCAA Champions.” “I called Coach Sailer and said that I can run a 7:13 mile…I asked if I could play on ... Read More »

Eric Leroux ’06 – Ice Hockey

Excerpts from his acceptance speech of the 2006 Hockey Humanitarian Award “…Reflect for a moment on a person or event that has made a difference in your life. In my case, I can think of none more important than my parents and their unwavering support. I remember the decision to play goal – and the hefty price tag associated with ... Read More »

Bill Kapler ’73 – Basketball

I grew up in Beach Haven NJ, a very small town in southern New Jersey, and attended Southern Regional High School. My father owned the local pharmacy and I worked at the pharmacy on weekends and during the summer. Because I liked math and science I majored in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science at Princeton. I graduated 3rd in my class of ... Read More »

Becky Brown ’06 – Basketball

Excerpts from the 2006 PVC Senior Student-Athlete Awards Banquet “I guess I should start out by sharing with you the story of how I got to Princeton in hopes that I can some how fill the next few minutes with some insight into how I got to stand here in front of you tonight. My parents are here and can ... Read More »

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