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Lauren Ehrlichman ’06 – Field Hockey

The tulle was the last to go. I was standing before my emptied out car, staring in disbelief at the vacant seats that had, for the first time in four years, actually been cleared-off enough to serve their purported purpose of seating human beings. Everything was gone—field hockey balls rolling under the seats and making noises that for years I had ... Read More »

Jacqueline Leahy ’06 – Fencing

My journey as a Princeton athlete began a long time before my four seasons as a Tiger. When I was little, my parents did their best to encourage me and each of my siblings to find a passion. I tried a plethora of sports such as gymnastics, swimming and riding horses, but it is no wonder with three older brothers — who ... Read More »

PVC On the Road in Boston

The Princeton Varsity Club and the Princeton Association of New England welcomed members of the Tiger family to a reception with the coaches and players of the men’s basketball team following their game against Harvard. Head Coach Joe Scott ’87 and the members of the Tiger men’s basketball team joined a spirited group of alumni for some food, fun and ... Read More »

The 2006 Princeton Varsity Club Senior Student-Athlete Awards Banquet

Each year the PVC celebrates the accomplishments of the senior class with a grand banquet attended by family, friends, coaches, staff and many others in the Princeton community. Senior student-athletes, their families, and PVC members and their guests gathered to celebrate the accomplishments of the Class of 2006 and honorary PVC award winners. The 9th Annual Senior Student-Awards Banquet was held at ... Read More »

PVC On the Road in Washington DC.

The Princeton Varsity Club and several members of the Tiger coaching staff were recently welcomed by the Princeton Club of Washington and many Princeton alumni in the Washington, DC area. The evening started with a cocktail reception and featured many highlights, including remarks from Director of Athletics, Gary Walters ’67, Men’s Lacrosse coach, Bill Tierney, Women’s Tennis coach, Kathy Sell, ... Read More »

Matt Behncke ’02 – Soccer

I don’t know if I can define Princeton Soccer or what it stands for. I can say that I probably would have given a different definition during each of my four years, and what I’ll say now probably isn’t exactly what I would have said the day I graduated. I do think, however, that almost every day I moved closer ... Read More »

Podie Lynch ’71 – Tennis

How does one articulate a memory accurately after 35 years? I am not sure my following thoughts adequately reflect the reality of the experience of being on the first women’s varsity at Princeton…in the winter/spring of 1971.’t field a full team of field hockey players in the fall so we rather feebly attempted scrimmages (with Betty Constable as Coach) when ... Read More »

Tara Christie Kinsey ’97 – Softball

“On the Future of Princeton Athletics” I would be loath to accept the recent PAW article, “What Price Victory?” written by Doug Lederman ‘84 for the December 17, 2003 issue and featuring an interview with former Princeton president William G. Bowen, as the final, let alone definitive, statement on the discussion of athletics at Princeton. When I look into the ... Read More »

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