Young Park ’94 – Track & Field

I polImageam proud to be a Princeton graduate and to have once been a Princeton female athlete. And yet, I am even prouder to have been a member and senior-year captain of the Women’s Track & Field team.

When I arrived at Princeton, I was excited at the prospect of not only expanding my intellect but also improving my athletic skills. I walked away four years later with a better mind, a school record and life-long friends/teammates.

After graduating, I realized that being an athlete not only conveyed physical capabilities, but also leadership and team-work skills. My time at Princeton at a student and as an athlete gave me the foundation to learn how to be analytical, manage my time, be a leader and work with a tam. Currently, I have been practicing as an attorney specializing in executive compensation and employee benefits in the M&A field. Being a specialist requires all of my Princeton “skills.” That is, analyzing complex legal issues, managing multiple tasks efficiently, delegating/supervising tasks, working with your M&A teams and most importantly, communicating with your clients.

Now, as a tribute to my team and for my love of the sport, I proudly serve on the board for the Friends of Princeton Track & Field. Moreover, when I meet someone new I eventually tell them I was once an accomplished Princeton track & field athlete. I know I share this fact not because I am gloating, but because being a Princeton athlete is who I am. 

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