Academic-Athletic Fellow Spotlight – Karen Malatesta

The PVC recently spoke with Karen Malatesta, Senior Lecturer in Molecular Biology and long-time Academic-Athletic Fellow to the Princeton University Track team. She shared some thoughts on her experiences and the value of participating in the AAF program:

“The aspect of being an Academic Athletic Fellow to the Men’s Cross-Country and Track Team that I value most is having numerous opportunities to interact with student athletes outside the classroom. I’ve been thrilled watching student athletes compete for Princeton and have greatly enjoyed learning what motivates them to be athletes as well as students and to strive for success in both the athletic and academic realms.
Not surprisingly, I have learned that student athletes are motivated to achieve success by the same attributes that motivate students to excel academically. In addition, being part of a team can be an unusually supportive and enriching experience. Although academics can provide the foundation for a prosperous career, the experiences of athletes, in my opinion, can form the basis for success in life.”

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