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polImagePrinceton Student-Athletes have notoriously hectic schedules.  Each day they are faced with the task of balancing schoolwork, practice, competition, training, studying, co-curricular activities, and a social life.  So, what do Princeton Student-Athletes do on a Monday morning after their first practice of the day and before heading to class? They volunteer their time to read to students at Johnson Park Elementary School. 

On Monday, November 10th, eleven Princeton Student-Athletes representing a variety of sports participated in the Princeton Varsity Club presents Reading With the Tigers program.  Princeton student-athletes read to school children ranging in grade level from  Kindergarten through Fifth grade.  Carolyn Bailey, the Reading Specialist and Librarian at Johnson Park Elementary School had pre-selected books based on grade-level appropriateness and topics covered by individual classroom teachers. 

Dr. Robert Ginsberg (Principal), runs a vibrant and exciting school, and was extremely welcoming to Princeton Student-Athletes. A display of Princeton paraphernalia was set-up, along with cookies for the college students.  The Princeton readers did a fabulous job interacting with and reading to students. 

Marcus Schroeder ’09, a Men’s Basketball player, summed up these sentiments when he said the following:  My experience reading to the elementary school kids was something I’ll never forget. I read a funny book to them and they were laughing the entire time. The kids were so much fun to be around and it was a joy sharing a morning with them. It was great for me because I miss reading children’s books and I miss story time and for me to participate in this, it was so rewarding. I’d love to go back in the spring to read and hang out with the kids again.”  

That attitude was also reciprocated by the administration at Johnson Park Elementary School, Carolyn Bailey stated, “Everyone enjoyed the readers so much, and I predict we’ll have even more classes wanting readers in March!  Your visit generated a lot of enthusiasm, and I can’t thank you enough for giving us this opportunity.”

Princeton student-athletes will return on March 2nd (Dr. Seuss’s Birthday) to Johnson Park Elementary School for another morning of reading and mentorship.

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