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Weapons of Mass Construction 4

The Princeton Varsity Club, Athletic Department staff, Student-Athletes, Coaches, Academic-Athletic Fellows and Isles, Inc. teamed up for a day of learning, fun, construction and yes, destruction (at least demolition) for a great cause. Isles, Inc, is a Trenton-based environmental and community development organization started by Marty Johnson ’81 (baseball, football) and other Princeton students and faculty in 1981. Volunteers worked on the ... Read More »

Kit Mueller ’91 – Basketball

During my senior year of high school I stepped through a fish tank and caused relatively significant damage to my left leg. I was told there was a realistic possibility that I would not play basketball again. As schools consequently began to drop scholarship offers, the decision whether to attend Princeton became an easier one as my focus turned more ... Read More »

Teams and Toys

Teams & Toys is a community service project designed specifically for student athletes. Its goal is to provide Princeton athletic teams with an opportunity to use the platform of sports to make a positive difference in both the life of the University and the local community. In this effort, Athletes in Action helps Princeton’s Varsity and club teams to adopt ... Read More »

PVC Presents Reading With The Tigers

Princeton Student-Athletes have notoriously hectic schedules.  Each day they are faced with the task of balancing schoolwork, practice, competition, training, studying, co-curricular activities, and a social life.  So, what do Princeton Student-Athletes do on a Monday morning after their first practice of the day and before heading to class? They volunteer their time to read to students at Johnson Park ... Read More »

Dick Kazmaier ’52 – Football

Excerpts from the acceptance speech of the 2007 Citizen-Athlete Award Winner: Dick Kazmaier ’52 When as a senior during the 1951 season the question from a reporter was, “what are your priorities as a football player at Princeton,” and the answer was, in order, friends, studies and football, minimally there was a degree of surprise. That being part of an ... Read More »

Bob Mueller ’66 – Lacrosse

Excerpts from the acceptance speech of the 2006 Citizen-Athlete Award recipient: Bob Mueller ’66 “It now has been forty years since we in the Class of 1966 graduated from Princeton. An occasion such as this triggers reflections on how Princeton, and more particularly sports at Princeton, shaped our lives.” “When we consider the influence of sports on our lives, we ... Read More »

Margie Gengler Smith ’73 – Tennis

When I reflect on my experience as a student-athlete at Princeton, the words “family” and “pioneer”surface. I grew up in a Princeton family but never aspired to take a personal role since Princeton was an all male institution. My grandfather John Logan ’13 was a member of the prestigious Walter Camp all-American football team. (Hobey Baker was his teammate on ... Read More »

Frank Sowinski ’78 – Basketball

As I look back at the lessons I learned at Princeton, two realizations stand above all others. The first is the importance of the quality of your work. The second is learning what it takes to play to win. While I had a basic understanding of these principles before arriving on campus, my experiences at Princeton crystallized the realization that ... Read More »

Emily Goodfellow ’76 – Field Hockey, Lacrosse and Squash

Princeton Athletics was where I found my own distinctive voice. This is not to minimize the validation I found in pursuing my major (Religion) or in doing my thesis under the guidance of the late Professor Horton Davies, but simply that there on the playing fields of Lourie-Love and in Jadwin I made my mark and found my friends. I ... Read More »

Wendy Herm ’99, Softball

During my playing career, I had a rather simple view of the student-athlete experience at Princeton – we worked hard, played hard and had a tremendous sense of pride in both our academic and athletic accomplishments. Now, having worked for six years and recently completed the business school application process, I have a much more evolved perspective on what it ... Read More »

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