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Devona Allgood ’12 – Basketball

The following keynote address was given by Devona Allgood ’12 at the 15th Annual PVC Awards Banquet, on May 31st, 2012 Good evening. Thank you to the Princeton Varsity Club for the opportunity to speak on behalf of this great community of Princeton Varsity athletes. Such immense excitement surrounds this event, and it is an honor to be able to ... Read More »

Jessica Berry ’09 – Basketball

It’s Sunday at about 4:15 AM, and I’ve had quite enough tossing and turning. I need a book, but nothing thesis-related-or school-related, for that matter. And it can’t be too happy. I need a book because I can’t sleep, because I keep replaying our overtime loss to Dartmouth, our nine-point loss to Harvard in my head, over and over. I ... Read More »

Kit Mueller ’91 – Basketball

During my senior year of high school I stepped through a fish tank and caused relatively significant damage to my left leg. I was told there was a realistic possibility that I would not play basketball again. As schools consequently began to drop scholarship offers, the decision whether to attend Princeton became an easier one as my focus turned more ... Read More »

Frank Sowinski ’78 – Basketball

As I look back at the lessons I learned at Princeton, two realizations stand above all others. The first is the importance of the quality of your work. The second is learning what it takes to play to win. While I had a basic understanding of these principles before arriving on campus, my experiences at Princeton crystallized the realization that ... Read More »

Gary Walters ’67 – Basketball

I’m occasionally asked by coaches to help out with recruiting, and when I am, I generally point to the team pictures on my wall and discuss the career achievements of my teammates with prospective students. For you see, what you have accomplished as Princeton student-athletes is only the beginning of the beginning. It’s what you accomplish in your respective careers ... Read More »

Bill Kapler ’73 – Basketball

I grew up in Beach Haven NJ, a very small town in southern New Jersey, and attended Southern Regional High School. My father owned the local pharmacy and I worked at the pharmacy on weekends and during the summer. Because I liked math and science I majored in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science at Princeton. I graduated 3rd in my class of ... Read More »

Becky Brown ’06 – Basketball

Excerpts from the 2006 PVC Senior Student-Athlete Awards Banquet “I guess I should start out by sharing with you the story of how I got to Princeton in hopes that I can some how fill the next few minutes with some insight into how I got to stand here in front of you tonight. My parents are here and can ... Read More »

John W. Rogers, Jr. ’80 – Basketball

By far, the most important aspect of my Princeton experience was the unique opportunity I had to play for Pete Carril. Of all my college experiences, it is the one I value the most because Coach Carril was one of the best teachers I have ever had. His recitations about the rewards of hard work, teamwork, discipline and patience significantly shaped ... Read More »

Sandi Bittler ’90 – Basketball

Basketball was always my passion. When it came time to decide where to go to college, I wasn’t concerned with academics – I was focused on finding a great basketball program that would offer me a scholarship. I was from a small high school so I knew I wouldn’t be heavily recruited, but I was still determined to get the ... Read More »

Nancy Kraemer Crocker ’79 – Track & Field, Basketball

In the early days of women’s track & field, we were so few in numbers that Coach [Peter] Farrell used nearly every willing body for nearly any imaginable event. Entering multiple events, though born of competitive necessity, typifies for me something of the spirit of Princeton Athletics. Being part of a competitive team grew naturally into sport as a lifetime ... Read More »

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