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Peter Quimby

Peter Quimby, former Deputy Dean of the College and current Headmaster at the Governors Academy, delivered the following address upon receiving the Princeton Varsity Club Award for Distinction at the 2011 PVC Banquet. During his time at Princeton, Quimby served as an Academic-Athletic Fellow for the Field Hockey and Men’s Ice Hockey programs, and as Princeton’s Faculty Athletics Representative to ... Read More »

Landis Stankievech ’08 – Ice Hockey

This past summer I was able to obtain a position with the consulting firm McKinsey & Company; a global leader in both the consulting industry and the business world in general. My experience with McKinsey was fantastic – I was challenged in many ways, but also learned a great deal because it is a tremendous firm. As I worked for McKinsey ... Read More »

Michael Spence ’66 – Hockey

Excerpts from the acceptance speech of the 2004 Citizen-Athlete Award Recipient: Michael Spence ’66 …”I have been an academic administrator, venture capitalist, and board member. But at heart I am an academic-economist. What I do is stare at things that are very complex, and try to make them seem simple – first to myself and then to others. “People who ... Read More »

Eric Leroux ’06 – Ice Hockey

Excerpts from his acceptance speech of the 2006 Hockey Humanitarian Award “…Reflect for a moment on a person or event that has made a difference in your life. In my case, I can think of none more important than my parents and their unwavering support. I remember the decision to play goal – and the hefty price tag associated with ... Read More »

Gretchen Anderson ’04 – Ice Hockey

Excerpts from the 2004 PVC Senior Student-Athlete Awards Banquet I am sure that what I have learned from being a student-athlete [at Princeton] at least in some way or another strikes a chord of familiarity in each of you… It’s taught me a lot of things, but the very first lesson I learned was modesty. Being naive, I thought that ... Read More »

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