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Becket Wolf ’97 – Lacrosse

Becket Wolf ’97 gave the following speech at his induction to the New Jersey Lacrosse Foundation’s Hall of Fame. Along with his submission, he notes: “What Princeton gave me is exceptional, and that is why I’m giving back.” January 30, 2011 I would like to thank the New Jersey Lacrosse Foundation, the Committees of the North and South Chapter, Peter ... Read More »

Amory Rowe ’95 – Field Hockey & Lacrosse

Being a student-athlete at Princeton requires a competitive attitude both on the field and the classroom.  Princeton provides the ability to challenge yourself, to discover how far you can go.  Each practice should be better than the one before, each grade an improvement on the previous semester,  It is not enough at Princeton to give an average effort.  Hard work, ... Read More »

Katie Cox ’09 – Lacrosse

This is an excerpt from the 2009 PVC Senior Student-Athlete Awards Banquet. I grew up in Long Island, a hot bed of lacrosse and developed a passion for the sport at an early age. In my Middle School yearbook, I wrote about how I aspired to come to Princeton and by my freshman year of high school, it looked like ... Read More »

Bob Mueller ’66 – Lacrosse

Excerpts from the acceptance speech of the 2006 Citizen-Athlete Award recipient: Bob Mueller ’66 “It now has been forty years since we in the Class of 1966 graduated from Princeton. An occasion such as this triggers reflections on how Princeton, and more particularly sports at Princeton, shaped our lives.” “When we consider the influence of sports on our lives, we ... Read More »

Emily Goodfellow ’76 – Field Hockey, Lacrosse and Squash

Princeton Athletics was where I found my own distinctive voice. This is not to minimize the validation I found in pursuing my major (Religion) or in doing my thesis under the guidance of the late Professor Horton Davies, but simply that there on the playing fields of Lourie-Love and in Jadwin I made my mark and found my friends. I ... Read More »

Carter Marsh Abbott ’97, Soccer & Lacrosse

My experience as a student-athlete at Princeton in women’s soccer and lacrosse prepared me for my career in ways I did not fathom at the time. My life was typical of most student-athletes: class, practice, lift, late meal, library, bed, then do it again, with maybe a night every now and then. This life, while busy and demanding, both inspired ... Read More »

Hannah Foster ’03 – Lacrosse

Excerpts from the PVC News article – “Walk this Way” “I was disappointed that I got into Princeton…I didn’t think I could make their team and I was really sad because it was Princeton Lacrosse: Home of the 1994 NCAA Champions.” “I called Coach Sailer and said that I can run a 7:13 mile…I asked if I could play on ... Read More »

Cackie Buck Rogers ’77 – Field Hockey, Lacrosse

When I arrived at Princeton in the fall of 1973, only one class of women had graduated. We women were still an anomaly and a definite minority. But I was lucky! I had an immediate band of friends because I put on my gym shorts and cleats and headed down to Poe Field for pre-season field hockey. Hockey practice gave ... Read More »

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