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Esmeralda Negron ’05 – Soccer

Princeton assistant women’s soccer coach Esmeralda Negron ’05 went to Haiti this summer on a service project. Here is her story in her own words. Three weeks ago I embarked on my first service trip. I was headed to Haiti with the “Konekte” group, which means connect in Creole. The group was comprised of families, young adults and Princeton Football ... Read More »

Stephen Belmonte ’99 – Soccer

I felt as if I had been dropped onto a fast-moving treadmill. The pace of play was faster, the players bigger, and the skill level unquestionably superior to anything I’d encountered before. I probably spent more time in awe of the whirlwind play around me than asserting myself into the fray. As I struggled to adjust to the collegiate game, ... Read More »

Carter Marsh Abbott ’97, Soccer & Lacrosse

My experience as a student-athlete at Princeton in women’s soccer and lacrosse prepared me for my career in ways I did not fathom at the time. My life was typical of most student-athletes: class, practice, lift, late meal, library, bed, then do it again, with maybe a night every now and then. This life, while busy and demanding, both inspired ... Read More »

Chad Adams ’00 – Soccer

It was a beautiful and crisp October day at Lourie-Love field. The pitch was in immaculate condition and the trees framing the scene were boasting their magnificent fall colors. The football team had just lost to Harvard and the fans were now pouring through the gates to watch the soccer teams battle. It was a late afternoon tap and the ... Read More »

Janine Willis ’05 – Soccer

The life-skills that you garner as a student-athlete are valuable in every aspect of life. You learn how to multi-task effectively. You learn about the fruits of your labor, and that there is no substitute for hard work. You learn how to pick yourself up when you’ve fallen short. All of these skills and experiences are easily translated to the ... Read More »

Matt Behncke ’02 – Soccer

I don’t know if I can define Princeton Soccer or what it stands for. I can say that I probably would have given a different definition during each of my four years, and what I’ll say now probably isn’t exactly what I would have said the day I graduated. I do think, however, that almost every day I moved closer ... Read More »

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