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Margie Gengler Smith ’73 – Tennis

When I reflect on my experience as a student-athlete at Princeton, the words “family” and “pioneer”surface. I grew up in a Princeton family but never aspired to take a personal role since Princeton was an all male institution. My grandfather John Logan ’13 was a member of the prestigious Walter Camp all-American football team. (Hobey Baker was his teammate on ... Read More »

Sally Fields ’73 – Squash & Tennis

Being a member of both the first Princeton Women’s Tennis and Princeton Women’s Squash Teams provided me with unforgettable experiences. The women who were admitted during that time possessed an incredible array of talents and abilities. As the tennis-playing valedictorian of a large public high school in Wilmington, Delaware, I entered Princeton with the Class of 1974, the second year ... Read More »

Helena Novakova ’72 – Tennis, Swimming & Diving

Princeton became my “foster” home during one of the most difficult times of my life, and at the same time a stepping stone on my intellectual journey. I left Czechoslovakia 5 days after the 1968 invasion by Warsaw Pact Army – tanks were stationed in front of my house with angry citizens raising their fists up toward the bewildered Russian ... Read More »

Podie Lynch ’71 – Tennis

How does one articulate a memory accurately after 35 years? I am not sure my following thoughts adequately reflect the reality of the experience of being on the first women’s varsity at Princeton…in the winter/spring of 1971. There was a very (and I mean VERY) limited range of athletic opportunity for the Princeton women in the first year of coeducation ... Read More »

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