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Justin Reed ’05 – Track & Field

Excerpts from the 2005 PVC Senior Student-Athlete Awards Banquet “It has truly been a remarkable, exciting, challenging, and sometimes frustrating experience, but I know within my heart that as a group we have persevered because collectively we all share a common purpose in our desires to succeed in life and as teammates. We share a common bond in that we ... Read More »

Nancy Kraemer Crocker ’79 – Track & Field, Basketball

In the early days of women’s track & field, we were so few in numbers that Coach [Peter] Farrell used nearly every willing body for nearly any imaginable event. Entering multiple events, though born of competitive necessity, typifies for me something of the spirit of Princeton Athletics. Being part of a competitive team grew naturally into sport as a lifetime ... Read More »

Young Park ’94 – Track & Field

I am proud to be a Princeton graduate and to have once been a Princeton female athlete. And yet, I am even prouder to have been a member and senior-year captain of the Women’s Track & Field team. When I arrived at Princeton, I was excited at the prospect of not only expanding my intellect but also improving my athletic ... Read More »

Chanel Lattimer ’05 – Track & Field

Excerpts from the “Ivy League Spotlight” on My college decision came down to the last minute! I realized that I didn’t want track to become a job. I didn’t want that constant pressure and a scholarship looming over my head. As much as I love to run, I also love being involved in other activities. Not only was the ... Read More »

John Mack ’00 – Track & Field

Being a varsity student-athlete meant being a part of a special group of students at Princeton. Whether you were on the track team or played lacrosse or basketball or squash, you knew that your teammates and friends on other teams were working hard to excel academically and athletically, and it pushed you to do the same. For me, the educational ... Read More »

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