The PVC Mission

To implement and support programs that perpetuate and enhance the Performance, Values and Community of Princeton Athletics and University, and thereby contribute to “Education Through Athletics.”

The Princeton Varsity Club (PVC) recognizes the long tradition of athletic, academic and alumni success at Princeton University. It also recognizes that current varsity athletes, varsity alumni letter winners and friends and supporters of Princeton Athletics represent a strong community built upon shared values and experiences.

The PVC supports the notion that athletics are an integral part of the educational mission of the University and that Princeton Athletics should aspire to be a model for collegiate athletics both in the Ivy League and in the NCAA at large. The PVC also supports the ongoing role athletics and the student athlete play within the University community.


The PVC acts in concert with the greater community of friends that support the values and ideals of Princeton Athletics.

While Membership is open to all alumni varsity letter winners and members of the Princeton Athletics Friends Groups, it is also open to all alumni and supporters of Princeton University who are interested in helping further the mission of the Princeton Varsity Club.

Performance, Values and Community

Your contributions fund initiatives that support the three main tenets of the Princeton Varsity Club:

PERFORMANCE – enhancing the athletic, educational, and post-graduate experience of our varsity student-athletes.

  • Initiatives include: the PVC Awards Banquet, the Freshman-Sophomore Barbeque and the PVC Weight Room at Jadwin Gymnasium.

VALUES – acting as stewards who encourage, perpetuate and demonstrate the values derived from intercollegiate competition and the importance of maintaining both academic and athletic standards of excellence.

  • The Jake McCandless ’51 PVC Speaker Series, Tigers in the Community outreach programs and Princeton Academic-Athletic Fellows (PAAF) program aim to strengthen these values.

COMMUNITY – building a spirited collegiality among current and former Princeton varsity athletes & other supporters of Princeton Athletics as part of the long tradition of athletic excellence within Princeton University.

  • Mentor and career service programs, alumni and team recognition events, seasonal PVC Coaches Luncheons, “On the Road” events, and Friends Group initiatives each serve to strengthen the sense of community around Princeton Athletics and the University.

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